Peony Varieties

Boreal Peonies grows several herbaceous peonies for sale to the cut flower industry.  Most of our peonies are doubles, but we do have a few bombs and semi-doubles in our experimental blocks.  We have pinks, whites, creams/off whites, reds, purples, corals and yellows.  By far, the most popular peony colors in the summer are the pinks and the whites (usually for weddings).  Therefore, we will be able to provide the largest number of cut flowers in these colors.  In Alaska, peonies take between 3-5 years to mature and provide healthy, hearty, sell-able buds.  Our first peonies were planted in 2013, thus, we will be selling our first cut flowers in 2017.  In July of 2017, and depending on weather, we will have between 4,000 and 10,000 pink and whites/off white stems for sale.  Lesser quantities of the reds, purples, corals and yellows will also available, and the website will be updated in early summer with availability of each color.

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