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Felix Crousse

Felix Crousse

Boreal Peonies is a 40 acre family owned peony farm in Two Rivers, Alaska that produces exceptionally large cut peonies for sale to wholesalers and florists worldwide. The farm is also a scientific research station that serves as a resource for the Alaska Peony Growers Association and the Alaskan peony industry as a whole. Researchers from Miami University (Ohio) and Indiana University East collaborate with the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Washington State University and run experimental trials on peony varieties in an effort to determine best practices for growing peonies in Alaska.

Alaskan peonies are available from July through September (a time of year when peonies are generally not available worldwide) and can be shipped overnight to anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Thus, the growing peony industry in Alaska is working hard to determine the best nutrient/fertilizer treatments and agricultural practices that will yield the best cut stems for the cut flower industry, and Boreal Peonies is leading that effort.

Aside from the experimental efforts, we are also one of the largest commercial peony growers in interior Alaska. We have six varieties in large-scale production providing a large supply of pink, fuchsia and white flowers. In addition to those varieties, we also have 30 specialty varieties ranging in color from yellow to coral to deep red. These varieties are available in much lower quantities, but are spectacular nonetheless.

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